Wishes and bugs Dr.HD current Firmware!

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Wishes and bugs Dr.HD current Firmware!

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A list with 16 current bugs ans wishes for next FW for the F16.
I hope it will be fix soon!

1.When I switch from Cardreader to Card in CI Modul it comes often Programm scrambled.
2.EPG data should be fully charged (at the moment are partially cut off information)
3.EPG If the background is already completely loaded, and not only when entering the EPG
4.Funktion to the sharpness, brightness, contrast adjust itself according to his needs.
5.The time should be updated after POWER OFF / ON in Standby already
6. A selection of writings (Black instead of white, bright, dark, bold, etc. ..)
7 Automatic Adjustable front and follow-up time (about 1-15min) with recordings from the EPG.
8. Editing function of the recordings
9.Select whether HD / SD recording in the filelist (and recorded for radio recordings made)
10. During a running record should also further recordings can be programmed.
11. When playing recordings should be able to switch to existing audio tracks, as well as retrieve the existing subtitles (for the deaf) may be able
12. Switching Teletext: 1 text table a, 2 text panel transparent, 3 text dine out.
13. Sound skips for stations to eliminate a low bit rate
14. Sound skips in radio operation via the optical output to eliminate
15. or fast forward. Rewind when playing with the Mp3 player
16. Shuffle mode with the Mp3 player
Dr.HD F16 HDTV The Best Fighter for me
LG 32" PLASMA PG6000
Multytenne 28,5/23,5/19,2/13°,DVB-T
Alphacrypt LIGHT, HD+ Card

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Re: Wishes and bugs Dr.HD current Firmware!

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Also English an German Language in Future P Versions