Grand Triple & EPG for 28.2° East

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Grand Triple & EPG for 28.2° East

Сообщение digicon » 05 апр 2013, 11:42


When will we see fix for the Grand Triple and EPG problem on 28.2° east as i now see that the D15 has new firmware with the EPG problem fixed for Sky.

Also no word from DrHD them selves about other problems with this receiver very poor support from them

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Re: Grand Triple & EPG for 28.2° East

Сообщение hopper » 05 апр 2013, 11:50

Hi digicon

I'm guessing the same TP streams I send them should also work for you hope they come good for you
As of yet I have not tested the D15 on 28.2 yet so still not sure if it works.
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