Killed my F16

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Killed my F16

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Please help!

My F16 is dead after flashing latest Firmware. :o

The Display is black and no connection is possible via RS232. I hope that i can reaktivate it via JTAG. I found the full flash dump for JTAG - F16_100_20081223_5dea_0xA0000000.bin viewtopic.php?f=3&t=38&start=20 THANK YOU Mr. NONAME for the flash dump!

Now I am looking for the right Software to flash the dump back to the fighter and the right Hardware (JTAG).

PLEASE help me!!

Gorki - Park

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Re: Killed my F16

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any news ?
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Re: Killed my F16

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All here for Jtag flashing

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