Home forum ?

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Home forum ?

Сообщение EnoSat » 19 сен 2009, 06:57

Dr.HD F16 , 85 East - 50 West from Gibertiny OP100L + Eutelsat W4 from WaveFrontier T90
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Re: Home forum ?

Сообщение Fan_da_patrick » 19 сен 2009, 07:14

Thanks for the info.
Website was also redesigned.
So I hope that the international standard is growing and we will soon hear more in Europe from Dr.Hd!
Dr.HD F16 HDTV The Best Fighter for me
LG 32" PLASMA PG6000
Multytenne 28,5/23,5/19,2/13°,DVB-T
Alphacrypt LIGHT, HD+ Card
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