freezing on sky uk

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freezing on sky uk

Сообщение pakmafia » 24 мар 2010, 22:11

i have dr-hd f16 i have managed to installed the latest software and cs i am getting lots of freeze and connection lost on sky uk channels 28degrees east. i have just installed software and newcs and ccam mod002. i have not edited any files as i cannot understand what i need to do and where are the files. i have added a 1newcs and 1 ccam server, skyuk is slightly better on newcs but not good at all on ccam and even on newcs it is quite bad. its only NDS that is freezing my have nova on 13 degrees and it works fine no problems there.

guide is here:
for best view change there codepage to windows-1251
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Re: freezing on sky uk

Сообщение Sergejj » 25 мар 2010, 15:35

they have a server or subscription?
the receiver is not always to blame! the server would have to perfect is spent on upload speed bandwidth must be high. a server with 6000 flatrate and 760 will upload anything.
I have no problems with sky uk channels.
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Re: freezing on sky uk

Сообщение DirtyHarry » 25 мар 2010, 16:56

One problem iss that for cccam you cannot edit the config files (prio,cfg).Another problem was the cccam connection via Internet.I thought it was a DNS Bug.So i used my local DM 500 as the cccam Server (loose one hop :( ).In my tests it was not the best solution to mix up the newcam + cccam connections at the same time.For me the best was to use only cccam in the local network.
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Re: freezing on sky uk

Сообщение pakmafia » 25 мар 2010, 21:01

i have 1 cccam and 1 newcs server both runing at the same time both have local skycard but still it is freezing, tried cccam on its own, tried newcs on its own still the same. so the only option is to use a local sky card but it that just spoils the who idea. can some one check sky italia does that freeze to.. from what i have seen only the enigma based boxes can actually run nds3 without any problems, every other box fails and drhd is no different to many other similer boxes only benifit is that it looks better

What's s/w version used for this tests?
Enable Log function to rs232 port in external card menu and make logfile, to see where is your problem with freezings.
Upload CSinfo.txt also, to see your settings
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