Dr.HD F15 - EPG for Astra 28.2 E

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Dr.HD F15 - EPG for Astra 28.2 E

Сообщение Fringe » 03 ноя 2014, 14:51


My first post here and have spent several days searching Google, other forums and the Russian sections of this website to research this subject.

I have just bought this receiver for its superior tuner sensitivity and it works very well, better than my Humax. Only have one issue - the EPG for Astra 28.2. This is the only group of satellites that I am interested in but the F15 will not read the EPG. Consequently I can only see the current and next transmissions when I activate the program guide. Is there any known software or firmware fix for this - or any alternative options that would enable this box to give me a 7 day EPG ?

As delivered, the system information for the box shows:

Model: DR.HD F15
S/W Version: 2.00 (August 7 2012)
H/W Version: 1.00
Boot Version: 5.30
CH Version: F023
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Re: Dr.HD F15 - EPG for Astra 28.2 E

Сообщение Robinson » 08 ноя 2014, 22:32

Have you seen this?
It won't help you much though, I'm afraid.
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