F16: Support for Canal Satellite France HD streaming method

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F16: Support for Canal Satellite France HD streaming method

Сообщение silverbarrel » 19 ноя 2013, 14:48

I use an official CanalSat card (Viaccess 4.0) intended for use with non-proprietary decoders, like my DRHD F16. Due to changes from that operator, the number of channels I can watch is shrinking every month as most SD channels are migrated to over-encrypted HD. :?

CanalSat France tries hard to force viewers with such cards to buy decoders from a small bunch of approved receivers (CanalReady label).

In April 2013 they defeated all non-approved decoders from viewing HD content by (according to http://communaute-espaceclient.canal-plus.com/questions/461636-carte-39-module-pcmcia-viaccess-enfin-reponse) just changing the normal order in which the services are sent in the Viaccess stream, (e.g. not starting with Audio/Video as expected by most receivers). That would explain why I don't get any EPG anymore and all their HD channels are black and silent.

I saw the recent release of F16_267p for F16, so I was hoping that Dr.HD could maybe still work on the F16 and find a way to defeat this intended restriction?? Would that be possible ??

I really don't want to replace my F16 by a pathetic device from CanalSat's "circle of friends" :!:

Dr.HD F16 Orange Edition FW.267p
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Re: F16: Support for Canal Satellite France HD streaming met

Сообщение bb-33s » 28 ноя 2013, 19:35

hi dear! our receiver can not. Only sharinga.
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