EPG was working

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EPG was working

Сообщение hopper » 15 май 2013, 11:36


I have the D15
Awhile back I sent the TP streams to the factory for 28.2 to add 7day EPG
From load 108 this was working fine
Last night I switched off the D15 and back on and did a channel list update
Now I cannot get any EPG working
I have reset the D15 and reflashed with all 108, 109, and 110
still cannot get EPG working the way it was sometimes only a few channels with populate.
It seems the D15 is storing the EPG internally in the unit ?

How can I fix this.
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Re: EPG was working

Сообщение digicon » 15 май 2013, 22:27

Buy selling it on and buying a technomate 5402HD as this works as it should unlike the DrHD series of receivers, i have given up all hope of ever sorting out my Grand triple even sending numerous emails to the Techs and still no replys. Customer service sucks gig time if you ask me and the DRHD brand have seen there last penny from me
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