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Re: 7day EPG

Сообщение digicon » 07 мар 2013, 15:13

I hope they can sort this out for the next Grand Triple patch as well and the missing video problem from 10° east i reported that plays fine on an F15
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Re: 7day EPG

Сообщение noname » 20 мар 2013, 13:16

I have found out with Dr.HD. They are willing to make EPG for Sky, but they don't have stream now of the FreeSat transponder where all the EPG is shown. So, if possible to record such a stream (on any stream recorder, or even on F16 receiver with special software) - such help is needed
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Re: 7day EPG

Сообщение hopper » 20 мар 2013, 15:43

That is true

I have been working with the factory
They have given me the special firmware but it is only for a F16 which I dont have
I have been asking a few people if they could help.

One of the lads in the factory is checking to see if he can get an F16 and send it over so I can get the streams.
I have said to them why dont they try and extract it from the Blade7000 as this works fine.

Does anyone know another way of getting the TP streams for Astra 28.2 ?
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Re: 7day EPG

Сообщение digicon » 20 мар 2013, 19:24

Hi Hopper,

In the same boat mate with the Grand Triple i cannot understand why DrHD cannot get this function to work correctly the f15 and my Grand Triple can pull the EPG stream from both 19.2° and 13° east but nothing off 28.2° east.

The F15 was manufactured in the same factory as the Blade7000 and the technomate TM6502HD receiver and i would imagine that the D15 and Grand Triple are also manufactured there so why can they not just get hold of a Blade firmware and disassemble it and get the information from the firmware itself it cannot be that hard surely.

A question for Noname please if you would who patches the firmware for the DrHD Models perhaps they could look into getting the EPG function from either the Blade or the TM5402HD firmware.

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Re: 7day EPG

Сообщение hopper » 21 мар 2013, 11:47

Hi digicon

I did send the Blade firmware to them a few weeks ago and they said they could not get any info from it
Not sure what they tried but I am going to give it to a friend of mine to see if he can do something
Its in their best interest to sort this as there are a lot of people looking for it.

I have also requested a few other changes that I thing we could do with
1. remove the green button from accessing the hidden menu
2. allow you to be able to enter Dynamic address as well as IP address
3 to be able to remove the REC logo in the top left corner
4. to be able to fast forward and rewind when streaming from PC (I know you can skip but would be nice to be able to see what you skip to)
5. Online server to host channel files (like Blade)

Not asking for much lol
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