F15 Wishes for HD GUI and Bugs

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F15 Wishes for HD GUI and Bugs

Сообщение ramul.wasi » 28 авг 2012, 10:27


I hope that here is reading the correct place ;-)

In the Rusian section i can not write because it´s only russian allowed

With 2.01p and other versions I can not record channels with BISS coding .
I scramble the channels in the Key (8282) menu and start recording. End of the recording freezes receiver and it helps only a restart with power Switch .

It is also possible that the EPG Data Saves / outsourcing?
Info banner show time should also be possible to select 7 and 8 seconds.
Blindscan under about.. 3000 SR no/ channels found. It would be great if also found channels with very low Symbolrate (1000,900.....)
Some Channels Program name in Infobanner only shown now. One must first open Guide, exit and than press info. Then also shown next program name.

EPG in Classic Firmware 8 days. In HD GUI only 5 or 6 days on some channels 7 days ;-(

Koreans can implement this please?
Thank you very much

Test record biss channel with firmware

2.01p from 27.08.2012. Record Start Ok. When finish live tv picture freeze. Record taken succesfully on hdd. Start the record from file List, only you hear sound.

No picture shown.

ts file on Computer tested. also only sound no picture/Video. tested on many channels with biss decoding.
Dr.HD the real fighter for me ;-)
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